Ultimate Movie Awards 2014


Best Movie Of The Year
Now You See Me
(Directed By Louis Leterrier)

Best Movie Actor Of The Year
Idris Elba
(For The Role Of Nelson Mandela In “Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom”)

Best Movie Actress Of The Year
Sandra Bullock
(For The Role Of Dr. Ryan Stone In “Gravity”)

Best TV Series Of The Year
(Created By Eric Kripke)

Best TV Series Actor Of The Year
Mads Mikkelsen
(For The Role Of Dr. Hannibal Lecter In “Hannibal”)

Best TV Series Actress Of The Year
Tracy Spiridakos
(For The Role Of Charlie Matheson In “Revolution”)

Best Director Of The Year
Scott Cooper
(For Directing “Out Of The Furnace”)

Best Screenplay Of The Year
William Nicholson
(For The Screenplay Of “Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom”)

Best Music Of The Year
Brian Tyler
(For The Music Of “Now You See Me”)

Best Visual Effects Of The Year
47 Ronin
(Directed By Carl Erik Rinsch)


Memorial Award
Paul Walker

Global Thrill Award


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