Because It’s April

Like a winter came and froze me
keeps me under piles of snow.
Like a soldier shot in shoulder
survived among the bloody flow.
I stood long under ashes,
I pray of Lord every day,
I dream to see the sun again,
I wanted to crawl the lonely bay.

Because it’s April…
run mу fingers through your hair.
Because it’s April…
smell the scent of the air.
Drink the pain of your heart,
give myself а whole new start…
Because it’s April.

And the spring born me on lawn
seemes I didn’t exist before.
But still remember moist frost
remained strong from my war.
Sometimes there is no an answer,
but an answer doesn’t mean а truth.
The truth is hidden under dust,
and the dust now represents a ruth.

=== 13.04.2014 ===


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